Club Training

Club training typically consists of Tuesday morning, Wednesday night (during daylight savings) and Saturday morning sessions, with other activities on an ad hoc basis.

In summer, we meet on Wednesday nights at 6.30pm in the carpark at Engadine Leisure Centre, with sessions typically made up of either a steady-pace run or skills sessions. During winter, a number of members participate in squad training at their own cost on Wednesday morning. Please feel free to join in for some friendly faces on a cool winter's morning.

Tuesday morning sees an informal interval training session at Sutherland Athletic oval between 6am and 7am.

Saturday morning sessions vary from week to week, including club races (Triathlon, Duathlon and Aquathon), runs, bike sessions and skills lessons. The club usually meets at 7.00am in the carpark at Engadine Leisure Centre (or the bike track at Waratah oval, Sutherland for Triathlons and Duathlons).

All training runs are conducted at your own pace and for your own duration (30 min up to approximately 60min). The sessions are all led by Club volunteers.  No-one ever participates alone.

 Upcoming Club Training
Saturday 7 May
Meet Engadine Leisure Centre front steps at 7.00am
Tuesday 15 March (and subsequent Tuesdays)
Meet Sutherland Athletics Oval at 6.00am
Interval Training
Saturday 14 May
Meet Engadine Leisure Centre pool deck at 7.00am
Swim 30mins/ Run 30min
Saturday 21 May
Meet Engadine Leisure Centre front steps at 7.00am
Heathcote/Bottle Forest Run
Saturday 28 May
Meet Waratah Bike Track, Sutherland at 6.45 am for 7.00am start
Cronulla Duathlon - Run 3km/Ride 18km/Run 3km


If you have any suggestions or requests for training sessions or races, please contact the training coordinator Tiffany O'Neill.