Membership to Engadine Triathlon Club

Triathlon Australia/NSW offers membership on an annual basis, each membership year beginning on 1st July and finishing on 30th June. When you join Triathlon Australia, you automatically become a member of Triathlon NSW simultaneously.

 Membership Type
Tri NSW Fee
(Club Member)
 ETC Fee
Total Cost
Tri NSW Fee
(Non-Club Member)
 Adult (>19) $120 $60 $180 $200
 Junior 12-19yrs $60 $20 $80 $100
 Junior 5-11yrs $30
$20 $50 $50
 Coach  $280 $40 $320 $400
 Non competing and non training member
$10 $15 $40


Note: age as at 31 December 2015

Triathlon Australia strongly supports a club membership model and their annual membership fees are structured to reflect this. The cost of annual membership is lower for those individuals who are members of affiliated Triathlon clubs. 

Membership renewals for the 2015/16 season for both Engadine Tri Club and Tri NSW/Australia (single process) can be accessed through the following link:


  • you must use a different email address for every individual registering. 
  • you are able to use your membership confirmation email as proof of membership if you attend events before you have received your membership card. Membership packs take between 3-6 weeks to arrive in the post to your nominated postal address.
  • a 5% processing fee will apply to both the Triathlon Australia and Engadine Triathlon Club fees.
  • Triathlon Australia does not currently offer a family package. Please contact us to discuss a discount on individual memberships for families of 4 persons or more.